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Russia’s policy response to COVID, its economic benefits and human losses

Faced with an unprecedented health crisis, our societies are reacting as best they can from an economic, sanitary and social standpoint. But what is the impact of the epidemic on our political systems? A simply deterministic reading does not seem to be able to account for it. Political tensions, power relations, upcoming elections, the sharing of power between local and national actors… can explain various political effects. Here is an overview of some emblematic countries.
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The pandemic’s political impact.
4. Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin is praising the performance of Russian economy and healthcare system in 2020. Indeed, Russian GDP is likely to have declined in 2020 by only 4 percent. Russia’s sovereign fund, the National Welfare Fund, stands at 12 percent of GDP. Russia’s official count of COVID deaths is 60 thousand – lower than France’s in absolute and hence 2.5 times as low in per capita terms. According to Mr. Putin, Russia’s vaccine Sputnik V was the first registered vaccine in the world. Not only Russia has started mass vaccinations already in 2020, it has also sent 300 thousand doses to Argentina.  Some  of  these  statements  are  correct, some  are  misleading, and  some  are outright false. Read Sergei Guriev’s highlights for Terra Nova below. 

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